HUGE Photo Update

HUGE Photo Update

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Lots Of New!

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Officially living and working in PA! Anyone who wants tattooed can contact me via email, or by calling Fyre Body Arts, 215-453-0734.


I’ll be at the Chicago tattoo expo, I’m taking appointments for it now if anyone is interested.


I now have t-shirts for sale, 12 dollars with 3 dollars shipping. is my paypal.






A Few New Ones

A Few New Ones

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Alot of photos.

Alot of photos.

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I have alot of new photos to show, and I just wanted to let everyone know, I will be working at Fyre Body Arts in Perkasie,PA every other week, until I move there March 1st.


I painted this years ago, and finally got to tattoo it! Thanks cassandra

Taylor got a tattoo in honor of her three sister, and sat like a champ.

I  got to do these really fun foot tattoos at Fyre Body Arts.

Here’s a close-up of the moon.

Sarah at Fyre body Arts let me tattoo this lantern and luna moth on her, it was very fun to do, thank you so much!

 This girl brought in her own drawing and allowed to redraw it for her, I’m happy with how it turned out.

Max, a fellow tattooer, ( wanted an old video camera, and let me do whatever else I want.

I got the chance to tattoo my buddy John again, I swear he has the best ideas for tattoos.

This was a fun walk-in I got to do at Cherry Bomb Tattoos, in Martinsburg,WV

I got the honor of tattooing this mom tattoo on one of my best friends, thanks Tucker.

Here’s a sheet of flash from a new set I’m working on to take with me to some up coming conventions.

 If anybody wants any of these images tattooed or to set up dates for the DC or Philly convention, email me at

The Last Month

The Last Month

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I haven’t been able to get to a computer for a month or so, I have alot of photos, I want to share!

I tattooed this mustached fellow on my roommate, Chris.

My buddy John let me tattoo this wolf head on his hand.

I painted this for my new business cards, and I may have t-shirts made with this image as well.

Sarah got this raven and her favorite book tattooed on her for her birthday.


I tattooed this on Julia, the owner of Fyre Body Arts.

I got to do this jellyfish on a regular who has been working on a nautical sleeve.

I also did this little filler piece on my girlfriend.


Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up

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This weekend we had a guest artist at the shop, Joel Brewer from Baltimore. Super nice, great artist, all around good guy. We traded primate tattoos.

Then my friend, Dakota came in and got a piece I’ve been wanting to tattoo for a while.

To finish the weekend off I got to do a fun little walk-in, this guy got electrocuted on Tuesday at work, earning him the nickname “Zeus” and was at the shop on Sunday getting a tattoo about it!

One more thing, I’ll be guesting at Fyre Body Arts in Perkasie, PA again October 14th-19th if anyone from the area is interested in getting something.

Fyre Body Arts

Fyre Body Arts

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This last week I guest spotted at Fyre Body Arts in Perkasie, Pa. I had a blast and got a chance to make some new friends, here’s a couple tattoos I got to do while I was there.

Today I got a chance to tattoo a guy who recently got back from Afghanistan, while he was there his job was to search out bombs and disarm them, long story short, one detonated on him and he lost both legs, here’s the tattoos he got.

By the way, my pug indian painting is up for auction at

Bill the Butcher

Bill the Butcher

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Friday night my roommate Chris, and our friend Paul came in to get Gangs of New York tattoos.

Paul got the knife

Chris got the cleaver

Much Needed Update..

Much Needed Update..

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I haven’t had a computer for a little bit, so I haven’t been keeping up with this, but I have one now, so here’s an update.

Here’s the last two tattoos I did in Austin.

The girl is on my buddy Avi, who also let me stay with him, thanks again! The death metal fox is on Ruth the piercer at the Black Cat.

Also, I’ve done a painting for an art show/ auction to benefit a no kill shelter in Austin, TX hosted by Affinity Tattoo on 6th St.

Here’s a cutesy little tattoo I did in my first week back of a skull and shears modeled after Hello Kitty.

Last week I got the chance to tattoo our piercer Syd, she got this fancy, little sloth!

And last but not least, my buddy John came in on Sunday and got this piece that I drew up years ago.

Hello from Austin Texas

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So I’ve got the first day of tattooing in Texas under my belt, still have 3 days left if anyone wants stop by and see me.

Keep Austin weird, right?


This guy was standing on sixth street rocking out, I had to snag a photo.

Here’s a cool tattoo I works on yesterday.